Monday, 30 September 2013

Social Media Advertising - Are Your Ready to Attend the Party?

All dressed up and nowhere to go? That's a problem which some businesses encounter when launching a Social Media campaign. The website is fully functional, the Facebook page is set up and posting what seems like worthwhile information, and perhaps a Twitter or FourSquare account has been set up for the multitude of fans who will welcome your business with open arms. All the power of Social Media is at your disposal, right? Wrong!

Unless you have spent some time finding out where your existing clients are and where your target market is, you may just be wasting your budget on either the wrong clothes for the occasion or overpriced designer duds that won't attract anyone who would buy your product or service.

Knowing how your clients interact with digital media is not only important, it's essential to any strategy that hopes to yield a modicum of success. It's like being invited to a party and not knowing where it's being held or whether the occasion is formal or not. Sure, you can look good anywhere and people will admire you, but what you should aim to do, is look sharp and interact with your friends because they're the ones who buy your product! If you can effectively interact with the people who know you, they will no doubt say good things about you to their friends – hence the “social” in Social Media.

Before you RSVP on the invitation to attend the big event, get some advice from a company specializing in Social Media Marketing, and for Pete's sake, don't put the office intern in charge of handling the transportation!

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