Monday, 2 September 2013

Labor Day for Social Media Marketers

This blog spot is written exclusively for those in the business of Social Media Marketing. Whether you call your self an Internet Advertising Specialist, Social Media Marketer, Interactive Media Professional, Digital Marketing Expert, or however you define yourself in the online world, as Bud says : “This one's for you!”

As you find yourself explaining landing pages, back-links, analytic software, or maybe just the difference between RAM and ROM to a prospective client, take a deep breath. On this Labor Day Weekend, it's a good time to reflect on what you may have recommended to some of your clients. UNPLUG the hardware and take a break!

Don't buy into the myth of being able to do it all. Software doesn't sleep, but you have to. Take some time to connect with friends, meditate, exercise, or whatever gets you away from the office (virtual or real) and cut yourself some slack.
Connecting with the real world gives us all a chance to re-evaluate what's really important in our lives. Real time, face-to-face human contact is essential to maintaining perspective. There's something exquisite to your “reach” being limited to only one, or a few real people in a room with you, and the idea that organic growth is only important to agriculture. It's nice to stop and realize that “going viral” is only critical to immunologists.

When you settle back into your workspace and hone your skills, who knows? Maybe you'll even have something to blog about! Happy Labor Day!

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