Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Social Media - Home on the Range!

The myriad channels of Social Media allow businesses the opportunity to make more consumers aware of Brand Identity than at any other time in history. Brand awareness is important but it is Brand Management, the art of creating and maintaining the Brand, that can make a Brand one of the most valuable advertising elements a business can own.

Unlike the Good 'Ol Boys putting their mark on the herd in the image to the left, the task of developing and maintaining the image of a product or service and associating it with the image or experience that makes it “special” or “unique” are not as simple as a quick round-up and a hot iron!

A business must decide on a target audience for the product or service it offers, understand the expectations of that audience though market intelligence and orient its image towards those qualities.
Social Media allows for constant feedback and ongoing improvement in reaction to the expectations of the marketplace. Using that intelligence to better maintain a Brand and improve its recognition can mean the success or failure of a product or service offered.

Many companies have an “advertising department” and implement a policy of brand orientation in their organizational image. Some even use the tools available to gather and analyze the vast amounts of data that can be collected from monitoring Social Media campaigns. For the small to medium-sized business, however, the cost and time involved in assembling the teams of personnel and software to carry out these tasks are too challenging and the result is a website with a half-baked presence on Facebook or Twitter in the hope that people may be able to “find” them.

Happily, there is a solution allowing small and medium sized business to take full advantage of Social Media's broad range of marketing and advertising opportunities. There are a number of reputable firms specializing in Digital Marketing and Online Advertising and that are experienced enough to use the tools of analysis to monitor and optimize your campaigns and exposure. Roam Business is one such firm. We can offer you the time and attention necessary to understand the image your business wants to convey. We can effectively reach your target market and provide the real-time interaction that Social Media necessitates. Visit our website at and contact us for a confidential assessment of your Social Media Brand Management.    


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