Friday, 17 May 2013

Web Analytics : Vulcan Right?

     Analytics are amazing. The results of people viewing one image can be broken down into a demographic, “click through” ratio that would knock the socks off Mr. Spock!

      That being said, a worthwhile Social Media campaign, as with any successful process, must begin with a plan. That plan must begin with certain objectives in mind: What is a business seeking to discover or achieve with a social media campaign. Looking for a wider audience for a product or service? Trying to improve or replace the current customer service system? Establish a new image (brand) with the next generation of consumers or reinforce an established image with clientele through new channels?
      It is only when a business has ascertained what it is seeking to gain from social media exposure, that the task of collating data to measure the success or failure of these goals can begin. Utilizing the fallout of information that returns from the explosion of Social Media exposure is a daunting task. The tools for measuring (and they are numerous and bewildering) are only as good as the people using them. As with surgeons' scalpels, they can be used to heal or misused to harm.
     I read a job posting for the position of “Social Media Manager” the other day. The alphabet soup of prerequisite diagnostic knowledge was enough to make anyone's head spin. What I didn't see in the job requirements was the ability to translate empirical data into what could be clearly understood by people who had a marketing plan in mind, but weren't interested in SEO, SEM, SERP, PPC, CPC or any of the other acronyms which seem to appear almost daily, and are only understood by Social Media Marketers and Vulcans!
      If you are interested in laying out a plan for using Social Media to enhance your marketing strategy, contact us at We can meet to discuss how we can put your plan into action and measure the results in plain language.


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