Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Elusive ROI : The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind!

      When it comes to a business using Social Media to market products and services, the one, seemingly elusive, factor is ROI (Return On Investment). Sure, there are all kind of metrics and performance indicators. There are analytics tools that will measure buzz, virality, re-tweets, shares, comments, and all sorts of data that can be interpreted in any number of ways. But the bottom line, the real question at the end of fiscal period, is: “Does the time and money spent on Social Media ad campaigns increase net income?”
      Every good Social Media Marketer is really an old fashioned salesperson at heart, and every salesperson likes to have a presentation to make a point. Pie charts, power point presentations, and all sorts of trendy buzz-words can make an impression on the uninitiated, but serious business owners want to see the return in black ink, on an income statement.
     Fortunately, the answer to the question of ROI in terms of Social Media marketing is simple. A professionally managed campaign, taking into consideration the realistic expectations of the Business Owner will always show a positive return on investment. Think of it in terms of the wind. Wind is in a constant flux, it can be overpowering, it can be soothing, it can be freezing. Wind-power can be harnessed to power a machine. Nature uses it for seed dispersal, and that is how a well managed Social Media campaign can sow the seeds for ROI. As with Social Media campaigns, wind can also be measured in many different ways but the net effect of dispersing seeds and propagating growth can only been seen once the fruit is born.
     If you are interested in leaning what difference a professionally managed Social Media campaign can mean for your business, visit our website at and contact us. We promise there will be no “long-winded” explanations, just results!


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