Monday, 9 September 2013

Phony Followers and Limp Likes

Imagine that you decide to have a party at your home and you invite 1000 people you have never met, who may or may not speak the same language as you do, and who will never have anything to do with you again once they have stopped by at your house. Oh yes, here's the kicker – you pay to have them come to your house.
Sounds crazy doesn't it? Why would anyone do such a thing unless all they wanted to say was, “I hosted a party and a thousand people showed up!”

Sadly, there are companies who take advantage of people's ignorance of how Social Media / Digital Advertising works, and sell them a bill of goods claiming to be optimizing their product or service for search engines by selling “likes” or “follows” on every Social Media Application imaginable. In fact, all they are selling is a set of “Emperor's Clothes” to businesses naive enough to buy into their illusion. What the algorithms that drive search engines get “tickled” by, more than a 1000 Facebook likes or Twitter followers, is the interaction or engagement of users with these sites.
Of course, if all you're setting out to do by having a Facebook page for your business is to appear to have thousands of people who “like” you, the illusion is right there for you to buy. But if that's how your business is going to use Social Media, you may as well get a guy to walk around with a sandwich board advertising your rates. You will likely get a better return on investment!
Phony “followers” and limp “likes” will not interact with your posts, tweets, photos, or blogs. They are robotic, one-time, clicks. Single, imaginary visitors to your feed, that will never come back again. The worst of it is, if you are actually analyzing the stats generated by tools like Facebook's great new page insights, or Google Analytics – the data generated by fake followers will be misleading and useless. “Garbage In – Garbage Out”.
There are much better ways to enhance your visibility on Social Media. If you really want to spend a few bucks, tools like Google +AdSense or Facebook's adverts for business pages, can make you much more findable to the people that really count – your prospective clients! If you want to enhance your website for search engines, get someone who knows what they're doing to imbed code and plan your strategy for back-links.
But if you're hell-bent on wasting your money, it's your party and you will eventually cry (even if you don't want to!) by paying for false friends and phony followers.

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