Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Waking the Spider!

Trends and technology constantly change in Social Media and that is its heartbeat. In a recent interview blogged by Mobile and PrintingCompany I made that statement and I stand behind it.

So the follow-up question is clearly, “How does a business adapt to constantly changing trends and technology?” The answer is in the nature of the beast. The world wide web, is precisely that. It is crawled and created by the users who inhabit it. The spider a business wishes to attract will be found in the parlor of that web where the spider most frequently visits. Sounds simple doesn't it? Just find out where your client is and visit him there! But like most simple solutions, the time and effort involved in the task is grossly understated.

Let's go back to the spider crawling the web. The average “spider” has an attention span of under 8 seconds. A simple, concise, vivid message is more likely to attract his/her attention than even the biggest billboard. Because the web is carefully interconnected, a small vibration, in any part of it, is likely to wake the spider and draw its attention.

Keeping in mind that once the spider is engaged, you have very little time to hold its attention, - the second part of the task is embarrassingly obvious. Don't tell the spider what you have to offer, ask the spider what it wants. This involves dialogue and most businesses, however well-intentioned, don't communicate their message effectively in a language that a spider understands.

If this whole analogy baffles you, then you are not in the businesses of advertising your product via social media. Thank God for that, and contact us. For over a decade, Roam Business has been finding corners of the web where even the craftiest spiders have hidden!


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