Saturday, 27 June 2015

Play Ball! (Avoiding the Strikeout)

For those of you familiar with the game of baseball, you will know that the object of the game for the team in the field is to get three “outs” on the batting team as quickly as possible and therefore end their chance of scoring against you in any given inning. The responsibility for doing this falls largely on the shoulders of the Pitcher who will throw as well as he can to get the ball across the plate and have the batter swing at the pitch and miss or simply hit it ineffectively to a fielder who will throw his out with ease. Along with the “slider”, “curve ball” and “change up”, one of the Pitcher's favorite tools is the “fastball” which is a high-speed pitch that causes the batter great difficulty to hit.

Then there is another form of playing ball which is really for fun and allows all the players to loosen up and participate in tossing the ball to one another, not part of the game – just a way to warm up and throw the ball around prior to the game. You may have done this with your friends and called it “playing catch”.

So what does all this have to do with Social Media Marketing? Well you may have noticed that too often a product or service is offered up on Social Media with the heat of a fast ball, trying to get you to swing as quickly as possibly and offering you no chance to pick up the ball and toss it to a friend. I call this the “fast ball” where you barely have chance to hit the damn thing, let alone get a good look at it. Even the biggest companies with the costly ad firms are guilty of this. Then there is the fun game of “catch”, where you are tossed the ball and given a chance to toss it a friend who will toss it to another friend , and so forth. THAT, my dear Social Media Marketeers, is how the game should be played! If you pitch your product and service with a high-speed delivery, ironically you will be the one to strike out, not the intended batter! Toss the ball around and let your friends handle the ball and you will be the winner.

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