Thursday, 16 April 2015

One Size Does Not Fit All

Notwithstanding the numerous magical solutions offered by some Social Media Ad Agencies, there is no one “key” to a successful Social Media Ad Campaign.  Sure, there are plenty of useful applications and sites to use in promoting your product or service, but the simple truth is that each business, even in the same sector, is an individual entity with its own peculiarities.
                Understanding a company’s inner workings is essential to devising a plan to reach and interact with new and existing clients in an efficient and economical way.   Many businesses have thrown wads of cash at “surefire” techniques, only to discover that the platform or application they had invested in was not supportable by their infrastructure or inefficient in reaching their real target market.
                In order to devise a strategy for advertising via Social Media successfully, one must therefore have a very good knowledge of how a specific company functions.  The only real way to achieve this knowledge is to actually have a Social Media Account Manager visit the business and, if necessary, actually spend a few days getting to know the employees and the product a company produces.
                It could be argued that having a Social Media Marketing Department within the company is the obvious solution, but for most small and medium sized businesses the expense of creating such a position is prohibitive.  The task of successfully exploiting the opportunity to fully and economically use Social Media as an advertising tool must therefore be entrusted to an outside agency. 
     When choosing an agency for your business, there are a few basic signs to be wary of. 
  -      Is the agency offering a variety of platforms and applications to deal with your company’s specific goals or is there simply a “one size fits all” approach?  

  -     Is the agency insistent on a long term (longer than six month) contract?

  -   Will you actually be meeting with a human being, or are you expected to transact business online with a faceless individual?

  -     Is the agency’s representative  willing to offer  you a free personal consultation, outlining a realistic plan for what can and cannot be accomplished in the short, medium and long terms?

There are many capable and trustworthy agencies available, sadly however, there are also sharks in the water.  Exercising due diligence when choosing a Social Media Ad Agency, is as equally important as when dealing with any other vendor.

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