Monday, 3 February 2014

Did We Get Your Attention?

In the flood of images and news feeds that make up streaming social media offerings, advertisers and story tellers (much the same thing) have to really be imaginative to snag the attention of consumers. So what's the recipe for online ad success?

The newest buzzword “content”, is really just a self-serving argument for copywriters. The “infinite monkey theorem”, whereby a universe of monkeys with typewriters, given enough time, would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare has virtually been proven true with 100,000 tweets and six new Wikipedia articles being produced each internet minute of every day.

So how do you get people's attention in the Vine world of 6 seconds or less? It's simple really, then again, it's not easy. People want a good story, one that touches them on an emotional level. They want images (pretty pictures) and they will give you about 2 seconds of time to catch their attention. If you are reading this, chances are good it's because of the two sleepy tigers pictured with this blog spot.

The big agencies are very good at using this recipe for online advertising. Take a look at the number one trending Superbowl ad this year, “Puppy Love”. Opening frame: a sign reading “Puppy Adoption”. Pretty pictures (puppies and horses) + a touching reunion (emotional story, told in 30 seconds) = hundreds of thousands of shares, re-tweets and over 36 million YouTube views. Some would argue that the ad has nothing to do with beer, but wait - what kind of horses are these? . . .Clydesdales. Unmistakably the Budweiser brand. And just in case you missed the closing frame while reaching for the tissues, it's the Budweiser logo with the hashtag “BestBuds”.

Smaller businesses cannot afford the million dollar production costs for an ad like Budweiser's Superbowl spot. The recipe, however, is free. The preparation would be better served up by an agency specializing in online advertising, but any business can give it a try. Tell your story, do it with a laugh, a cry, or something that makes people ask a question. Use vivid imagery and grab their attention in 2 seconds or less making sure they identify with your brand in under 10 seconds.

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