Monday, 13 January 2014

Yes, They Really Like You!

    When actress Sally Field accepted her Academy Award for best actress in the 1984 film “Places in the Heart” she gushed out the phrase “. . . I can't deny the fact that you Iike me, right now, you like me!"  Many people didn't catch the humorous reference to dialogue from her role in Norma Rae and were left with the impression that she was indeed incredulous over the acknowledgement by her peers.

      A feeling of inadequacy is actually very real to some business owners. It is because of that fear that many small and medium sized business owners don't put their product or service on social media in order to avoid negative feedback. It's not that they don't have anything competitive to offer, they're simply afraid of the haters and won't put themselves in a position where they are exposed to being shot down by small people who can't see beyond their own world.Their business doesn't have the time or the inclination to deal with those people.

     There will always be hateful people, but the advantages of the insights that can be gained from social contact with a business's clients far outweigh the fear of not being “liked”. When a business is able to respond to a client's query or complaint as well as conduct an ongoing evaluation of its own operations based on instantaneous customer feedback, they gain an advantage that wasn't even available less than 20 years ago.

     Building relationships can often be complicated, but if a business takes the first steps towards letting their clients know that they are being listened to and that their opinions are respected, they are well on their way to getting the kind of “word of mouth” endorsements that only friends give friends. That is perhaps the biggest advantage that social media exposure can bring to a business.

     By knowing how to share on social media and offering some useful information and a laugh from time to time, a business will soon discover that their clients do “like them, really like them!” That's a win-win situation.

Roam Business can't promise you an Oscar, but we do have the knowledge and experience to help your business become a Social Media Star.
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