Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Your Customers Are Talking About You - Are You Part of the Conversation?

There is no question that Social Media has redefined the scope of customer service. Businesses using social media to its full extent are not only seeing the benefits in revenue from their efforts, they are also “being seen” to provide the kind of customer care people change brands for.

Take, for example, the recent campaign by WestJet Airlines they call “WestJet Christmas”. By carefully planning and executing a surprise “Oprah” style giveaway to two entire flights of passengers, with the help of no less than Santa himself dressed in WestJet Blue, they launched a YouTube video coupled with Twitter and Facebook feeds. Within 24 hours the video had over one million views and was being shared on every social platform. The gesture and timing were perfect and the video was reaching audiences well beyond Canada where WestJet is headquartered. The airline was “being seen” as Santa, making people's wishes come true! Who knows more about customer care than Santa?

“Caring” is a huge part of the WestJet brand and their use of social media to get the message across is inspired. While expensive giveaways may be beyond the budgets of most small and medium sized businesses, the use of social media to get across the idea that a company cares about its clients is not necessarily an expensive proposition. In the interactive realm of social media, caring about clients is largely listening to and addressing what they care about. How do your clients feel about your business and how do you respond to their feedback? If you aren't using social media to address these questions, you're missing out on a great opportunity.

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