Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Your Ads on Social Media : “Trick or Treat”?

Offering treats to ward off evil spirits is an ancient pagan custom which we celebrate today as Halloween. Offering up your product or service on Social Media can be seen as being somewhat analogous.

When potential clients show up at your Social Media platform's door, are you offering them a trick or a treat? If you think that you can fool people by only spouting off about all the wonderful things your company has to offer without expecting any feedback - the trick may well be on you! Just like the graffiti “artists” who go around tagging everything they can find, you may be the target of some unwanted posts. Some large corporations have fallen victim to this, so it's not just a question of advertisers being naive enough to have a Pollyanna attitude. If people wanted to see a billboard, they wouldn't go online – they would go outside. Put up a billboard on a Social Media channel and you can expect the goblins to come out and haunt you. Ask a question begging a positive answer and the Frankenspammers will come out of the dungeon.

Targeted, well thought-out Advertising with a reward for loyal followers, even if the reward is simply important or useful information, is the “treat” for online consumers. Professionals in the field of interactive advertising are better equipped to handle your account than your cousin who calls himself a webmaster on weekends. But perhaps you feel you can safely remove your own appendix. We'll save that sort of gore for next year's Halloween blog! Meanwhile, Happy Halloween from Roam Business, give yourself a treat - click on this link and visit us on Facebook.

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