Thursday, 6 October 2016

Leave the Driving to Us!

A number of years ago, a well known North American passenger bus company used the slogan “Leave the driving to us”.  The idea was that a traveler could sit back and enjoy the ride without worrying about the traffic or tedium of a long distance drive.

When it comes to Digital Advertising and Social Media Marketing, that slogan could be well used as an admonishment as much as an encouragement to business owners who have a “hands-on”, micro management attitude with regard to their businesses.  This is often the case with small and medium sized business, where owners cannot see that they must entrust some aspects of their operations to professionals.  Although it is important to have input and oversight, these owners will never achieve anything but mediocrity due to their overzealous insistence on having a direct hand in everything.

Imagine, if you can, a surgeon in the middle of an operation who is faced with a patient who takes the scalpel from his hands and insists on completing the procedure himself!  The result could be fatal if not severely damaging.

Such is the case with regard to implementing and managing a Social Media Ad Campaign.  A business owner who insists on interfering with a marketer’s methods on a day-to-day basis is no more useful than a troll.

Certainly, it is vital that a business owner have the final say in the overall message and tone of an ad campaign, but the mechanics and administration of the actual platforms and software must be in full and exclusive control of the professional Digital Marketing Professional.

RoamBusiness has the experience and expertise to successfully execute a profitable and effective Social Media advertising campaign.  Bring us your best ideas and the pride you have in your product or service, but please, “Leave the driving to us”!

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