Thursday, 18 February 2016

What a Beautiful Baby!

Many magazines and newspapers feature an annual section entitled “Babies of the Year” in which proud parents are compelled to pay for space featuring a photo of their newborn along with some brief description of the little one’s vital stats and a list of his/her newly acquired relatives.  Parents are proud of their babies and rightfully so.  No matter how butt-ugly the little screamers are, parents will pony up the cash to have a picture of their new acquisition appear in the local press.  While most babies are cute little creatures, some do bear more than a passing resemblance to ET. Given that they don’t have a resume to post along with the pic, that’s not the best first impression they can make on the world!  But the world be damned, proud parents will stop at nothing to assure that their newborn gets its fifteen minutes of fame straight out of the womb.

          Many small business owners are very much like those parents when it comes to their businesses.  Unable to see the weaknesses in their enterprise, they spend their advertising dollars on a snapshot of their going concern, without giving a second thought to the substance of their ad or its value to the targeted consumer.  Essentially, their pride in their small accomplishment overwhelms the efficiency of their advertising dollar.

          Every parent should rightfully be proud of their newborn and every business owner should justifiably be proud of their successful small or medium sized business, but when it comes to getting the most out of an advertising expense, especially in the digital age, the business owner would be well rewarded by consulting with marketing and advertising professionals before baring all before the public.  A dispassionate outsider, with knowledge of the most efficient tools to get a message to a business’s target consumer has a better chance of getting a return on advertising investment than a proud papa handing out cigars!  

          Roam Business has been helping entrepreneurs get an effective message across via online marketing for over 15 years.  Whether it’s simply optimizing your website or designing and implementing a strategic ad campaign, Roam Business has the experience to help you grow.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation and an unbiased evaluation of your marketing strategy.   

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